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Diversity in the field of forestry and natural science is far reaching and varied. In the early days of forestry, the field was mainly governed by a "good old boy network." The perceptions of hard work and sweaty loggers with hard hats or heavy duty logging trucks struggling through cold, muddy wood stands come to mind. The many facets of forestry seen today were nonexistent in the minds of most people, but jobs in forestry today are myriad. Jobs are available in forest science, urban forestry, forest conservation, forest ecology, forest biology, environmental technology, biotechnology and wood and paper sciences. Visualize the faces of employees in these various fields. Who are they? Are they women, African Americans, Native Americans? Which ethnic groups are represented? Forestry and Natural Science schools seek, encourage and welcome the faces missing in your vision. Forest services and natural resource employers are now identifying strategies to recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce with the skills and competencies that contribute to sustainable natural resource management.